Public Sector Labor Relations

Helping Public Sector Employees With Union Matters

Employees of local, state and federal governments, as well as teachers, firefighters, police officers and other personnel often belong to a labor union. These unions help protect the rights of workers and place specific requirements on governing entities that they must comply with throughout the term of the agreement.

It is not uncommon for disputes to arise between the unions and the employing entity. When this happens, you need to know that the legal team you have on your side is equipped to deal with the issue present in your situation. At Wilson McCoy, P.A., we have more than two decades of experience helping unions and union members resolve complex legal issues.

A Legal Team Focused On Your Needs

With experience on all sides of an employment law issue, we can quickly identify the items that need to be resolved, and prepare you for the challenges ahead. We use our skill and knowledge to implement an action plan designed to help you regain control. Various matters we help our public sector clients with include:

  • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements
  • Advice and guidance to unions regarding options and obligations
  • Representation of unions or of individual union members in grievance hearings
  • Litigation resulting from an employment law concern

Whether you are a member of the union, union leadership or the union itself, know that we can help you protect your interests. Our lawyers will work with you to fully explore your situation and determine what we need to do to best prepare for the course of your case.

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