Employment Contracts

Understanding Your Options When It Comes To Employment Contracts

Not every company will require its employees to have a contract when he or she begins a new position. Because of this, many employees are unaware of the restrictions they have agreed to under the contract until they try to leave for a different employer. They learn that starting a new job in a similar field may not be as easy as they anticipated when they accepted the new company’s offer.

At Wilson McCoy, P.A., our employment attorneys in Orlando have over 60 years of experience advising employees on matters related to employment contracts. Our lawyers routinely practice on both sides of employment law matters, so we have firsthand knowledge of the issues that can result in costly and time-consuming litigation. We will take the time to review the proposed contract in your situation, and discuss the potential areas of concern so that you make the right choice for your future.

Matters We Assist With Concerning Employment Agreements

There are several different types of contracts that can arise during an employer-employee relationship in Florida. At our firm, we have prior experience with many different occupations and the various requirements that employers try to place on their employees. Some of the issues we can assist with include:

  • Reviewing proposed employment contracts: Before you accept a company’s offer, they may offer you a specific contract regarding length of employment or amount of compensation you can expect to receive. We can review these deals with you to make sure you have a clear picture of what to expect.
  • Reviewing non-compete/non-solicitation agreements: Before employment begins, or before you leave for a new position, your employer may require that you pledge not to disclose information, or work for a competitor for a specific amount of time in a specific location. It is essential that you talk to a member of our team before entering into these agreements, as you may be agreeing to very harsh restrictions that make it impossible for you to make ends meet.
  • Revising or negotiating new terms to an employment contract: Our attorneys can also represent you in subsequent matters with your employer in order to help you get the type of agreement you need in your specific case.

In the vast majority of these circumstances, employers are going to draft agreements that do everything possible to protect its interests. Without having someone experienced on your side, you run the risk of signing something that greatly diminishes your rights or negotiating power. Do not sign anything until you have a clear understanding of all of your options.

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