Non-compete Agreements

Orlando, Florida Noncompete and Nondisclosure Attorneys

Noncompete and nondisclosure agreements are typically entered into at the start of employment with the goal of precluding employees from performing specific work, or revealing skills or trade secrets to a competitor after an employee has ceased working for the original employer. If you are currently bound by, or a potential employer is requesting you to execute one of these agreements, you need the advice of an experienced employment attorney to help assert your rights in this agreement.

Since employers typically draft these agreements in order to protect their business and trade secrets from competitors, they seldom take an employee’s rights and interests into account. If you have been improperly terminated and an employer is enforcing one of these agreements against you, our firm can assist you in asserting your rights under the agreement.

At Wilson McCoy, P.A., our employment law attorneys in Orlando have over 60 years of combined experience handling the following disputes:

  • Noncompete agreements: A noncompete limits where a person can work after voluntarily leaving a job or being terminated. This usually has a specific time period associated with the agreement, as well as a particular geographic area. An overly broad agreement may be struck down in circumstances where it becomes difficult for workers to earn a living due to the harsh restrictions in place in the agreement.
  • Nondisclosure agreements: A nondisclosure agreement is something that prevents workers from disclosing information that could have an impact upon their employer’s bottom line. This could be customer lists or trade secrets. We can help you learn if the agreement you have in place infringes upon your rights as an employee when you leave for a different place of employment.
  • Employment contract: Some employees also enter into additional employment contracts that grant them certain employment benefits. In such cases, our attorneys are highly skilled in representing clients in contract disputes concerning unpaid wages or hourly disputes, severance package agreements, benefit disputes, and all other contracts that arise between employers and employees.

If you are currently facing a dispute under any of the agreements or contracts above, let our Orlando employment law firm fight for your rights. Contact our office immediately to set up a consultation with one of our experienced employee rights attorneys.