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As every entrepreneur knows, a multitude of rules and regulations govern business entities in America. There are laws that govern everything from how to form your business entity to how to interact with your customers. Whether you are just starting a company or have been operating for many years, our experienced Orlando business lawyers can save you untold pain and heartache from preventable mishaps that are bound to come up as your company grows.

No business operates in a vacuum. Owners regularly interact with employees, clients, vendors and suppliers every day. And when you have that many interactions occurring on a continual basis, disagreements happen.

Starting Your Company

One of the most critical decisions you must make when starting a company is the type of business entity to form. There are partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability corporations, S-corporations, C-corporations, professional associations and more to choose from. With all these options, things can get confusing very quickly. Our seasoned Orlando business attorneys at Wilson McCoy, P.A., are intimately familiar with each type of business entity available to you. They know the important tax benefits and personal liability factors that must be carefully considered before making this essential decision. Together, we can look at your business plan and goals, discuss all the options and be sure to recommend the entity that will best serve your future needs and vision.

Contract Formation And Disputes

Contract law is complex. Even the most well-thought-out contracts can have glaring holes that are easily overlooked during contract formation. When two business entities or individuals attempt to form an agreement, they typically start out friendly and with the best of intentions. Everyone is amicable, and it can be tempting to think that your relationship will remain friendly as each party performs its obligations under the agreement. This can make it difficult for nonlawyers to see potential pitfalls in contract formation. A trained attorney has the skills to spot weaknesses in a contract that nonspecialists can be blind to, weaknesses that can cause expensive and time-consuming issues down the road.

Unfortunately, people often come to us for help after a poorly written contract has failed them. But at that point, it may be challenging to obtain a fair result. If you are in this situation, we can help by representing you during contract disputes and negotiations. However, owners can avoid harrowing issues by using an experienced Orlando business lawyer to draft contracts and guide business transactions.

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Ongoing Guidance

Entrepreneurs make multiple decisions every single day. As your company grows, decisions and problems will get more and more complex. Business owners often turn to their co-owners or managers for advice on issues that arise. But having a knowledgeable Orlando business legal team on call to guide you through impactful decisions can help your company grow smoothly and avoid costly mistakes. In addition to assisting in business formation and crafting strong contracts, we can also:

  • Assist you in governing your corporation
  • Advise you about your legal rights and obligations for any business situation or decision
  • Keep you updated on your legal responsibilities to your employees
  • Advise and represent you if you have a business dispute or get sued
  • Represent you in a breach-of-contract dispute
  • Assist during a partial or total sale of your business
  • Draft board of director notices and resolutions
  • Help you navigate city and county compliance codes
  • Help collect debts from resistant clients

Whatever your business needs, our Orlando business lawyer has the skills to help.

In many circumstances, a strongly worded letter from your attorney can get people’s attention more readily than empty threats. For instance, collecting money owed from unresponsive clients after services are performed can be an ongoing source of stress. This is especially true when your business is first starting out or whenever cash flow decreases. But customers who previously ignored requests for payment often take notice after a demand letter arrives on law firm letterhead. And if that doesn’t get their attention, we can back up the letter with legal action.

Avoid Future Turmoil

Too many business owners wait until the trouble is brewing before they seek a legal practitioner’s help. This is especially true of small business owners who may think that putting money into other areas is more beneficial. However, one of our experienced and knowledgeable Orlando business attorneys at Wilson McCoy, P.A., can be your best friend right from the start. They can help you start your business under the right business model, ensure that you avoid potential lawsuits, put a variety of relevant protective procedures in place, create enforceable contracts and much more. Our Orlando business attorney wants to help make your enterprise a huge success. Your goals are our goals, and we will work hard to help you make the most of opportunities that arise while protecting all that you have worked so hard to build. So don’t delay. Start protecting your interests today by calling our offices or contacting us online.