Contract Disputes

Compassionate Orlando Contract Dispute Attorneys Ready To Assist You

At Wilson McCoy, P.A., our Orlando contract dispute lawyers work tirelessly to defend employees in their disputes against their employers concerning their employment contracts.  Whether occurring while employed or after termination, disputes over employment contracts frequently occur because the employer drafts for their own benefit, rather than the benefit of the employee.

Reviewing Employment Contracts

All employees should strongly consider reviewing their employment contracts or severance packages with an experienced Orlando contract dispute lawyer, as these terms will impact one’s salary, benefits, or future ability to work. The employment law legal team at the law firm of Wilson McCoy, P.A., in Orlando, we use our 60 years of combined experience to thoroughly review and discuss all of the options and alternatives available to you, and counsel you in preparation for any negotiation with a current or future employer. We will assure your rights are protected in your employment contract.

Employment Contract Disputes

Although disputes arising from wage and hour issues, noncompete and nondisclosure agreements, severance packages, or other contractual obligations, are common among employers and employees, our firm takes the time necessary to become familiar with your unique needs and concerns in order to tailor the best approach to resolve your legal matter, in or out of court. Our firm, with our experienced Orlando contract dispute attorneys, is prepared to assert your rights under your employment contract when challenging the terms of the contract, or an employer’s breach of the contract, in order to protect your job or interests under the contract.

Do not hesitate to call our Orlando contract dispute attorneys to learn more about the options available to you under your employment contract.