Union Services

Orlando Florida Union Attorneys

At Wilson McCoy, P.A., we represent unions and its members in a broad range of claims regarding grievances, arbitrations and litigation, as well as union institutional disputes involving dues collection, internal disputes, labor contracts, and representation proceedings. Our firm has experience in union elections, issues with the Department of Labor, fair representation, discipline, and negotiating or enforcing collective bargaining agreements. We are prepared to represent our clients in any forum, including State or Federal courts, arbitration, Public Employees Relations Commission (“PERC”) or the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”).

Labor Arbitrations, Collective Bargaining Negotiations, And Discipline Hearings

At Wilson McCoy, P.A., we help negotiate collective bargaining agreements in both the public and private sector and defend unions accused of picket line offenses. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to properly advise unions on agency shop issues, obligations, as well as train shop stewards, business representatives, and defend unions and workers with subcontracting and layoff disputes.
We also defend employees challenged with disciplinary, license or credential revocations, enforce the civil service rights of employees in court or administrative proceedings, and against unjust discipline or termination within an arbitration setting, by following the grievance procedures established by the collective bargaining agreements and employer policies.

Public Sector Labor Relations

Public sector labor relations are not limited to only unions that exclusively represent workers employed by governmental agencies. All types of unions have expanded to represent workers in organized labor. At Wilson McCoy, P.A., we can help negotiate collective bargaining agreements with public or private sector employers, advise unions that conduct legislative programs, and represent both labor unions and individual employees in all settings, including jury and nonjury trials, administrative trials, hearings, and arbitrations.

Representative Training

At Wilson McCoy, P.A., we can provide specialized training for union representatives on

  • Developing and delivering ongoing interactive advocacy
  • A wide range of substantive legal information, and
  • How to effectively use interactive teaching techniques by developing training materials such as power points, written handouts, case scenarios, and outlines.

We are able to tailor our training to

  • Unions
  • Compliance Groups
  • Joint Labor Management Organizations, and
  • In-house staff and leaders.

Our training goals include observation and feedback to enhance the advocacy training skills of senior staff/leaders in order to assure a long-term investment in the organization’s internal capacity to enhance the skills of its staff, leaders, and members.

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