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Profit Protection Program For Aveda Salons

What is the Profit Protection Program?

The Profit Protection Program is a specially designed plan for Aveda-licensed salons which provides salon owners with access to and advice from experienced employment and business law attorneys at a low monthly fixed price. Such an arrangement is designed to encourage salon owners to seek regular legal advice from our attorneys without fear of receiving a large invoice for legal fees at the end of the month.

Why should my salon enroll in the Profit Protection Program?

Nothing eats into business profits more than costly litigation and legal fees. In fact, one costly lawsuit could put your salon out of business. That’s where our Profit Protection Plan can help. By providing salon owners with sound legal advice and attorney-reviewed and prepared documents, we can eliminate legal headaches and protect your hard-earned profits.

What type of services are covered under the Profit Protection Program?

Our services include, but are not limited to, regular legal advice on Florida and federal laws regarding the employer/employee relationship; coaching, counseling and training; review, drafting and revisions to policies, employee handbooks, pay plans, employment applications, offer letters, employment and independent contractor agreements, noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements; and other reasonable services as agreed to by Wilson McCoy, P.A..

Does the Profit Protection Program cover litigation fees?

No. However, in the event your salon is sued, under the Profit Protection Plan, our firm will provide you with legal representation at substantially reduced rates.

How much does the Profit Protection Program cost?

The sheer volume of Florida Aveda-licensed salons allows our firm to offer our legal services at the low cost of $300 per month (or $600 per month for multiple salons).

The annual costs of comparable services provided under the Profit Protection Plan, if billed separately, could cost between $10,000 and $15,000.

How can my salon enroll in or learn more about the Profit Protection Program?

This is the simplest part of all. Simply look to the right of this webpage and find our floating “Contact Us” web submission form. Fill out the relevant name, company name, phone number and email address. In the “Brief Description” box, simply type “I want to join the AVEDA PPP!” and hit send. One of our intake specialists will contact you on the next available business day to discuss enrollment!