Whistleblowing/ Retaliation

Orlando Employment Law Attorneys Fighting On Behalf Of Whistleblowers

If you have been retaliated against for any of the following, please contact our Orlando whistleblowing attorneys at our office today to assert your legal rights.

  • Reported discrimination against yourself or others?
  • Reported safety/OSHA violations?
  • Reported public health and safety violations including dumping, pollution or other environmental violations?
  • Reported any fraud against the government?
  • Reported any illegal or criminal activity such as bribery or price fixing?
  • Refusal to take part in any of the above illegal activities?

If you have suffered damages such as termination, transfer/reassignment, demotion, pay cut, harassment, or a hostile work environment due to your reporting of any illegal actions by your employer, you may be entitled to back and front pay as well as compensation for emotional distress. Additionally, if you report any fraud against the government, you may qualify for a qui tam lawsuit and share in the damages recovered by the government against your employer.

The experienced Orlando retaliation lawyers at Wilson McCoy, P.A., can assist you while you report any illegality or advise you on the necessary steps to take after you have reported such illegality. If you suffer any backlash or retaliation at the hands of your employer for legally reporting or opposing their actions, our Orlando retaliation attorneys can tirelessly champion your rights and represent you in a lawsuit against them.

Call us today and let our Orlando whistleblowing lawyers fight for you!