Unpaid Overtime

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Our lawyers have over 60 years of combined legal experience in employment related matters such as unpaid wage and overtime disputes and will champion the rights of our clients in any employment law disputes against a wrongful employer. At the Orlando employment law firm of Wilson McCoy, P.A., our committed Orlando unpaid overtime attorneys will take the time necessary to thoroughly understand your unique set of facts and develop the best path that will help you achieve your goal. Our knowledge and familiarity with the court process will allow us to zealously advocate for your unpaid overtime matter in state and/or federal courts.

Payment In Unpaid Overtime Disputes

As a non-exempt hourly employee, you are entitled to overtime payments for any hours worked over 40 hours weekly, including the time spent waiting to clock in, working at home, or working during your meal breaks. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires your employer to include overtime payments in the week you worked the additional hours. If your employer has violated any of these requirements and you have addressed the issue with them in the past without success, do not hesitate in contacting an experienced Orlando unpaid overtime lawyer to ensure your rights to your hard-earned wages are not waived.

If our employment law legal team is unable to reach a solution with your employer in negotiations, mediation, or arbitration, our knowledge and familiarity with the court process will allow us to wholeheartedly advocate your matter in state and/or federal courts to obtain financial compensation you deserve, including attorney fees.

Wage Disputes

Our firm also handles other types of wage disputes such as:

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At Wilson McCoy, P.A., we have over 60 years of combined legal experience representing clients in a multitude of wage and hour disputes. If you have any concern over your wages, please contact us to speak with our dedicated Orlando employment legal team who can protect your rights immediately.