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Employment Law Attorney Serving Orlando’s Business Owners

As an employer, preventing disputes from arising in the first place is time well spent. Putting policies and procedures in place that limit exposure or potential liability can provide some degree of stability when situations start to spiral out of control. Our lawyers take great care to examine your workplace and help you find the appropriate measures to take in your specific situation.

We explore state and federal laws and regulations that you must comply with in regard to your employees. We look at each step of the employee-employer relationship and draft and develop the proper items to guide you throughout the process. We help with:

  • Contracts for key employees, whether it is drafting or reviewing documents you wish to have in place.
  • Writing, reviewing or revising noncompete or nondisclosure agreements.
  • Reviewing your company’s handbooks or manuals to ensure they are complete and detailed.
  • Help with issues related to large-scale employee issues including layoffs.
  • Explaining state and federal laws that apply to employment matters.
  • Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and similar state law requirements for employees and patrons.
  • Employee issues connected with the Family & Medical Leave Act, the ADA, the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act and state workers’ compensation laws.

Small Business Retainer Program

To enhance our ability to provide training and counseling to our clients, Wilson McCoy, P.A., has developed a Small Business Retainer Program as an alternative to traditional hourly billing. We recognized that some employers, concerned about running up a legal bill, sometimes hesitate to contact their attorney to ask about what is perceived to be a routine employment issue, only to discover later that the issue has escalated into a major and costly dispute.

Through our Small Business Retainer Program, clients pay a flat monthly fee to receive regular employment law advice and receive deep discounts to our regular billable hourly rate.  At no additional cost, Wilson McCoy, P.A., attorneys will visit a client’s business and determine the client’s employment law needs. This permits our attorneys to gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of a client’s workplace, which will enhance our ability to assist a client in avoiding or resolving disputes with minimal cost or disruption.

Contact us for more information regarding our Small Business Retainer Program.