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All too often, entrepreneurs think of a business idea – whether it is a product or service – and do whatever they can to get it to market without thinking about the long-term effects. Among other casualties of this short-sided approach are the lack of a sound business plan, discussion of fundamental organizational status and agreements among founders. What’s more, small businesses and startups can overlook details that result in costly, business crippling lawsuits. Why does this happen? Primarily, it is because startups and small businesses do not have the time or expertise to handle legal matters, many of which, they do not know to exist. Their time is better spent on their businesses rather than researching the law. That’s where we can help.

Do Things Right from the Start

At Wilson McCoy, P.A., our Orlando small business attorneys help startups and small businesses do things right from the start. Our Orlando business attorneys help founders document their dreams so as to avoid future partnership disputes; identify and file the right legal entity for their businesses; draft agreements to grow, manage and protect the business; research codes and regulations; draft policies, procedures, pay plans and employment and business agreements; protect trademarks and other intellectual property; assist with commercial transactions and provide day-to-day advice to ensure our clients are in compliance with the law or to defend them when threatened by others. In summary, we act as contracted “in-house counsel” for our small business and startup clients.

Assess Your Liability and Eliminate Risks

As they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Indeed, a lawsuit against your business is inevitable if you are not relying on the advice of counsel. So, given that a lawsuit is not a question of “if” but “when”, we highly recommend that you contact our Orlando employment law firm so we can perform a new business audit. We will sit down with you, learn about your business or prospective business, you and your goals, your products and services, your employees, your pay plans, your licensing requirements and more. We can then determine “where you stand” in terms of legal liability or potential exposure. We can then provide you with recommendations to eliminate these threats and how to be proactive rather than reactive.

Manage Growth, Manage Your Team

Managing growth is a key skill in running a successful business. Growing too quickly or too slowly interferes with the long-term success of a business. Our Orlando startup attorneys help clients assess their needs and the risks associated with growth. And, when growth is warranted, we help clients prepare job descriptions, draft applications, conduct background checks, interview candidates, draft procedures and policies, create compensation plans and develop rewards for production. We also draft employment agreements that protect your business interests by incorporating noncompete, nonsolicitation and confidentiality agreements.

Make Sound Litigation Decisions

If your business is already facing a lawsuit, our Orlando business lawyers will help identify the right solution for your legal matter. Sometimes, that means we may advise you to settle the matter due to liability or the high costs of litigation. On other occasions, your situation may warrant a defense to fend off other claims or if your case is winnable and a sound cost and fee recovering strategy is available. And, if the situation warrants, we may even advise going on offense by filing applicable counter-claims. Let our decades of experience assist your small business or startup in making sound decisions when faced with a lawsuit.

Retain Employment Law Firm, Or Purchase Services Online

Our Orlando small business lawyers know many startups and small businesses don’t have much money, and what they do have they may have received from friends, family or by cashing in retirement funds. And, the last thing they want to do is spend that money on lawyers.

Many of our services, including counseling sessions, document review, specific attorney-drafted forms and other drafting services can be purchased online for a simple, low-cost flat fee. Simply click on this link to purchase.

Our small business and startup services can also be bundled into one package where we can then serve as your contracted “in-house” counsel. By bundling services and allowing our firm to provide your business with day-to-day advice, we can save your business even more money when compared to traditional hourly billing or separate flat-fee services. Bundling services also help you and us save precious time when analyzing your legal issues because we will be more familiar with your business and, perhaps, even provide you with advice to prevent liability. Our bundled services can help you avoid those sleepless nights by providing you with sound legal advice which will allow you to propel your business forward with confidence and without the worry of legal liability. And, if your startup is really strapped for cash, and we believe in your idea and team, we may be willing to defer payment or barter services for warrants or equity options in the company.

You don’t have to do it alone, we can help your business eliminate risk and do things right from the start. Contact our offices today to see how our Orlando startup lawyers can help you.