Sex Discrimination

Employment Attorney Fighting for Victims of Sex Discrimination in the Orlando Area

One of the more common forms of discrimination in the workplace is discrimination on the basis of sex. This means that an employer is engaging in some type of conduct that treats individuals differently because of their sex or sexual orientation.

At Wilson McCoy, P.A., our Orlando attorneys have routinely represented each side in sex discrimination cases. We understand how to protect the rights of employees who have suffered due to the unlawful acts of their employers.

What Is Sex Discrimination?

There are Florida statutes as well as federal laws that cover discrimination. When you come to meet with us to discuss your case, we can explain what this means for you in greater detail. Our goal is to help you understand what we can do to help, or hold an employer responsible for actions they or their employees committed. There are many different types of behavior that may potentially be considered sex discrimination, including:

  • Paying men and women differently for the same job;
  • Giving a certain group worse hours (like only assigning women to the day shift);
  • Punishing an employee for not returning unwanted sexual advances; or
  • Refusing to consider men or women for a promotion.

Proving that an employer’s behavior was discriminatory can be difficult to prove. We can help you uncover evidence of discrimination, and help you assert your claims against your employer. With over 60 years of combined experience in Florida employment law, we are ready to help you build your case.

Learn More About How Our Lawyers Can Help With Your Sex Discrimination Case

We stand up to employers who are engaging in discriminatory practices. To talk to one of our attorneys, please call our office at 407-803-5400 or send us an email to arrange your consultation. We can provide you with the information you need to determine the right actions to take in your case.