How can pregnancy discrimination affect mothers?

How can pregnancy discrimination affect mothers?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2024 | blog, Discrimination

Pregnancy discrimination happens when a pregnant woman receives unfair treatment at work because she is expecting a baby. This can have big effects on the woman and society.

It is important for expectant mothers and families to take a careful look at this issue.

Financial and career challenges

One impact of pregnancy discrimination is money troubles. If a pregnant woman receives bad treatment at work, she might lose opportunities for promotions or even lose her job. This can make it hard for her to support herself and her family. It can also cause stress and worry during a time that should be happy.

Pregnancy discrimination can also hurt a woman’s career in the long run. If she becomes pushed out of work or faces setbacks because of discrimination, it can make it harder for her to do well in her job in the future. This not only affects women but also keeps gender inequality alive in the workplace. Unfortunately, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that they received more than 2,200 pregnancy discrimination charge receipts during fiscal year 2022.

Health concerns

On top of money worries, pregnancy discrimination can also harm a woman’s health. The stress and anxiety from unfair treatment can make pregnancy-related health problems worse, which can be bad for both the mom and the baby. This can create problems for the whole family and keep them stuck in tough situations. To stop pregnancy discrimination, workplaces need to make sure pregnant women receive fair treatment, have the help they need and have the same chances to do well in their jobs. Employers should offer ways for pregnant employees to work flexibly, give them enough time off for maternity leave and make sure they feel supported and included.

By spreading the word, pushing for change and making sure workplaces are fair and inclusive, employers and employees can work towards a future where every pregnant woman receives respect, support and a fair shot at success.