Taking a look at age discrimination

Taking a look at age discrimination

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2023 | blog, Discrimination

At work, discrimination can happen for different reasons. Aside from racial, sexual and disability discrimination, some employees experience age discrimination. This form of discrimination occurs when people receive unfair or different treatment due to their age.

Unfortunately, these violations continue to impact many staff members.

The prevalence of age discrimination

A lot of older workers experience some form of discrimination in the workplace. This discrimination can occur during the hiring process, as well as in decisions regarding promotions, layoffs or training. Some workers even lose their jobs. Older employees may face challenges in finding a new job, which can lead to financial problems.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency received 11,500 age discrimination charge receipts over fiscal year 2022. This does not include charges filed with other agencies.

The impact of age discrimination

Older workers may have a considerable amount of stress and anxiety due to uncertainty over their jobs. Additionally, age discrimination can limit career advancement. This can result in decreased motivation and productivity, not only for victims of discrimination but also for the overall work environment. Sadly, some victims stay quiet after experiencing mistreatment because they worry about losing their jobs.

Age discrimination creates serious challenges, and employers should promote a fair and inclusive workplace. By understanding the prevalence of age discrimination and the legal protections that are in place, employees and employers can work together to get rid of this form of discrimination and create equal opportunities for workers of all ages.