Woman with disabilities claims Disney discriminated against her

Woman with disabilities claims Disney discriminated against her

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Discrimination

People who believe they have been mistreated by a Florida company, large or small, must be aware of their rights. Despite greater attention being paid to worker rights, discriminatory behavior still goes on. In a recent legal filing, a woman who had worked at a Disney store asserts the company committed disability discrimination.

Orlando and the nearby areas are a hotbed for tourist attractions. Among the most popular is Disney. For many, it is their lifelong dream to be involved in the company in some way. While its popularity is unquestioned, it is still a business and is subject to the same federal and state employment laws as any other.

A woman says Disney store did not provide disability accommodations

In the case, the woman, 23, says that her longtime dream was to be involved with Disney and she took a job at a Disney store in a shopping complex not far from the park itself. However, she says she soon faced problems on the job.

According to her claim, after failing to accommodate her disabilities, she was confronted with retaliation for complaining about it. This led to diminished hours and an eventual dismissal. She has cerebral palsy and intestinal issues. She asked for frequent restroom breaks, not to lift items above 10 pounds and the option to sit in a chair when she was at the cash register.

The company is accused of not adhering to her requests as it was obligated to do based on federal law. In one incident, she had a seizure because she was asked to stand for too long and needed to be hospitalized. She says the company tried to coerce her into quitting. Before she was terminated, she had made discrimination complaints with federal and state entities. After she was fired, she filed her lawsuit.

If disability discrimination is suspected, it is important to know the legal avenues

While companies strive for inclusion and claim to care about employees’ needs on the job, not all are willing to provide the necessary accommodations under the law. In certain instances, it is a misunderstanding that escalated.

Employees must be sure to know that if they may be facing disability discrimination for an illness or condition but are still able to do their job, they could have the basis to file a legal claim. This includes demotions, not being promoted, not receiving the necessary accommodations, retaliation or termination. Contacting professionals who understand employment law from every perspective can be essential in a successful case.