What relief can I get if my employer retaliated against me?

What relief can I get if my employer retaliated against me?

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In Florida, employment disputes can be problematic in myriad ways. For employees who faced some level of unjustified sanction for any reason, they must understand their rights to be compensated financially and professionally.

In many instances, they were not immediately aware that they were being retaliated against. Knowing the law regarding employee relief and the time constraints for bringing a case are essential to achieving justice.

Important facts about claims of employer retaliation

If an employee discovers they were retaliated against in violation of the law, they can bring a civil case against the employer. This must be done within two years of discovering that it occurred or four years from when the action was taken – whichever came first. The claim can be brought in the county where it happened, where the employee lives or at the location where the employer conducts business.

The employee is required to inform the employer about the illegal activity or they cannot make any recovery in the claim. Employees can receive the following for the retaliatory behavior if it is shown to have taken place: there can be an injunction to stop the retaliatory acts from continuing; they can be reinstated to their previous position or an equivalent position; they can get their fringe benefits and seniority back; they can be compensated for wages, benefits and other forms of financial loss; and they can receive damages based on the law.

Employees who were retaliated against should know their legal rights

Workers can face retaliation if they complain about mistreatment, are whistleblowers, use time off they are legally entitled to take, refuse to behave in certain ways they know are illegal or violate regulations, for refusing to engage in a personal relationship with supervisors and more.

A worker who suspects they were retaliated against should understand the laws that protect them. They can receive relief in several ways and have a specific amount of time to bring a case. It is imperative to consult with experienced professionals as soon as possible to make sure a case can be brought and employers are held accountable. Calling for a guidance from those who specialize in employment law is key and should be done immediately.