Airport employees fight an ongoing battle to be treated fairly

Airport employees fight an ongoing battle to be treated fairly

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In the United States, there is an ongoing problem with employees feeling that they are not being treated fairly when it comes to wages, benefits and being treated as human beings with dignity. It is a story that unfortunately continues to emerge and at some point in time, it affects every state in the United States, including in Florida, where there is a battle that has been in the news over the last few weeks.

The men and women who work diligently at the nation’s airports deserve to be treated properly and fairly. They want and need fair wages, proper benefits, and to be treated in a dignified manner. Those are demands that are not above and beyond what they should be able to expect. Those are basic needs that every employee deserves. If the airport employees are treated fairly, they will strive to do the best possible job at work and that means that the airlines’ customers will, in turn, be more content as well.

Employees need to make ends meet

With the U.S. economy in its current state and inflation at its highest point in many years, it is becoming more and more difficult for workers to make ends meet and to not struggle to put food on the table. In fact, it is difficult to come up with anything whose price has not increased. It is getting harder and harder for people to pay their basic bills. That is not including any bills that are not necessities (luxuries).

The hourly wage that many Orlando workers earn is just not enough to take care of their basic needs. There are many different businesses that pay their workers similarly and the airport is one of those businesses. It is widely understood that the workers in Orlando International Airport are not paid generously.

In addition to wages, the workers’ benefits are apparently below normal standards as well. The 32BJ Service Employees International Union released a survey recently and according to that survey’s results, the employee benefits lack sick days, vacation days and health care coverage.  With the wages that the workers earn, many expressed that they have a really hard time paying their bills.

The airport workers are essential to the operation of the airport

Orlando International Airport is a major hub, with numerous domestic and international fights that come and go on a daily basis. Many of the contract airport workers are immigrants and they perform jobs that are essential to the success of the airport, such as pushing wheelchairs for elderly or disabled people, putting passengers’ luggage on planes, and cleaning and sanitizing the airplane’s cabins so that the passengers are in a safe environment when they fly.

If the airport workers were to get an increase in their wages, the positive results that may very well come out of that are that they may become more productive, achieve higher job performance and be less inclined to want to leave the job, which will result in better safety and better security at the airport.

Solid advice from an Orlando employment attorney

If you are an Orlando airport employee and you feel that you are being treated unfairly, speaking with an employment attorney may make a big difference to your case. It is essential that you protect your rights and the attorney can lead you through the process that you need to follow in order to hopefully achieve a positive outcome and to get what you deserve and what you are entitled to receive.