Special considerations for roofers and electricians

Special considerations for roofers and electricians

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2022 | Employment Law - Employer

Roofing companies, electricians, and other small to mid-sized contractors in the Orlando area deal with the same employment law issues as do other companies, to some extent

After all, the same federal laws and Florida laws apply to these businesses with variation only in some details. Electricians and roofers must avoid discrimination, pay promised wages and benefits in a timely manner, obey minimum wage laws and meet other requirements.

However, there are some things about these lines of business which their management should bear in mind when planning how they will protect themselves from litigation and protect their legitimate busines interests.

Employers need to be cautious about punishing workers after accidents

Roofing, electrical work and the like are known to be physically demanding and relatively dangerous trades. Like other businesses, contractors have legal obligations to keep their employees and others safe.

They also have an obligation to provide workers’ compensation benefits if one of their employees gets hurt.

A business may not in any way retaliate against a worker who reports a safety issue to the proper authorities.  They also may not punish a worker who gets hurt and files a workers’ compensation claim.

On the other hand, employers do have every right to expect that workers follow applicable safety rules. They may take action against employees who do not follow the rules.

Businesses have to make sure they stay well within the confines of the law when they establish workplace safety rules. They should also make sure they consistently enforce these protocols both before and after an incident.

Roofers, electrical companies will want to monitor overtime laws

People who work as electricians or roofers may have to work long, irregular hours. While this is often part of the job, companies will want to be sure they understand overtime requirements and compensate their employees appropriately.