Onboarding takeaways every employee must get

Onboarding takeaways every employee must get

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Employment Law - Employee

Starting at a new company is exciting and empowering. Beginning a new chapter in your life will bring motivation and fresh perspective, whether or not it is your first job. It can get your adrenaline rushing and your optimism high.

Now that you are hired, it is time to ease yourself into this new opportunity. Here are four takeaways that you must know.

1. Know the key expectations of your role

Certainly, you must know what you should do based on the job description and the series of interviews you had. However, it is still important to review or ask your manager about the key expectations of your role.

This will help you plan how you will acclimate to the systems and culture of the workplace.

2. Understand the company’s business conduct and ethics

Knowing about the company’s business conduct and ethics is one way of learning more about the company’s work culture and values. This will also help you to adhere to the company’s values and brand messaging.

Just an added note – it can help to be mindful of the unwritten work culture. Observe how your new colleagues interact, collaborate and relate with the leaders and each other. This will help you adjust and know more about the team you have just joined.

3. Understand the protections you have under the law

Knowing about wage laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is crucial if this is your first job. It is in your best interest to review the critical details of the FLSA.

Besides compliance with the FLSA, assess if the company also aligns with Florida’s labor regulations. It will not hurt to consult an employment law attorney if you think something is amiss.

4. Become familiar with the DEI programs

Diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) initiatives can help all employees regardless of race, gender, faith, medical condition and disability. Knowing about the company’s DEI programs will empower you to learn more about your rights in the workplace and spot discrimination, so you can protect yourself as you build your career.