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The facts about H2-A visas: Allowing migrants to work legally

The facts about H2-A visas: Allowing migrants to work legally

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Employment Law - Employer

The United States has many workers who are from other countries. There is a great need for workers in many different industries, and the farming industry in particular routinely uses migrant workers to help make those farms successful. The question is how are those migrant workers allowed to work legally in America? Many of the migrant workers were issued temporary work visas (H2-A) so that their status is above board and so that their employers are in good standing with the U.S. government.

An H2-A visa is a temporary work visa that is specifically for the agriculture industry. It gives the workers an opportunity to legally find seasonal work and it allows the business owners in that industry to ensure that the work is done and that their businesses flourish. The farming work includes planting, cultivating, and harvesting whatever is being grown.

How common is an H2-A visa?

More and more foreign workers are being issued H2-A visas. According to statistics from the U.S. Department of State, the number of people who were issued this particular visa has been increasing over the years and the latest numbers from 2020 show that there were almost 215,000 workers with the visa. Compared with 2016 numbers, there are almost 80,000 more people with H2-A visas now.

There are two types of work that people with H2-A visas are allowed to do: seasonal work, which is limited to certain times during the year and temporary work, which can last no longer than 1 year. The visa program was started initially because there were not enough workers in Florida citrus groves.

Obtaining solid legal representation

If you are having difficulty in the workplace in a similar situation, a knowledgeable Florida lawyer may be able to help you to understand the law thoroughly and can guide you to protect your rights in the way that they should be protected. Your situation may warrant your standing up to and challenging your employer and your employment contract and the lawyer can walk you through every step of the process for a hopefully positive outcome.