How To Lose Your Small Business in 10 Days – Day 9

How To Lose Your Small Business in 10 Days – Day 9

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2014 | blog, Firm News

Day Nine – Trademarking Your Brand

Despite eight days of tumultuous business ownership, Luigi and Peach believe they have finally weathered the storm and are looking forward to a profitable enterprise.  Then the phone rings and it is an attorney who represents Wario and his Plumbing & Pizza Delivery business. He claims that there is trademark infringement on the name and logo that his client owns. Since Luigi and Peach never trademarked their company name and logo, it was free to be used by others and Wario has been capitalizing on Luigi and Peach’s hard work. Fearing that this second company will ruin their corporate reputation and confuse potential customers, Luigi and Peach seek counsel to see what can be done to protect their company’s name.

They are advised that while there are some potential legal actions they can take, it would have been far more cost effective if they had simply trademarked their name and logo at the start-up of their company.