How To Lose Your Small Business in 10 Days – Day 7 – Wilson McCoy P.A.

How To Lose Your Small Business in 10 Days – Day 7 – Wilson McCoy P.A.

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Day Seven – Get it in Writing

Plumbing & Pizza Delivery is recruiting as fast as possible to meet the terms of Donkey Kong’s contract, however, finding skilled plumbers and pizza cooks is turning out to be more difficult than first imagined. Yoshi informs Peach and Luigi of this, which prompts them to call Donkey Kong in an attempt to work something out. Peach indicates that they will only be able to provide 45 workers, instead of the 50 agreed to in writing. Too distracted by a new barrel making venture, Donkey Kong agrees to Peach’s proposal and quickly hangs up the phone. Peach assumes everything is peachy with this oral agreement.

The contract deadline date arrives and Plumbing & Pizza Delivery provides 45 employees to Donkey Kong, believing they have fulfilled all the terms pursuant to the oral agreement. Donkey Kong points to the written contract, which states that the contract could only be amended in writing, and indicates that Plumbing & Pizza Delivery fell short by 5 employees and therefore, the entire contract is null and void. With the sudden loss of business, Luigi and Peach are forced to terminate all of their newly hired employees.