Orlando Employment Lawyer Highlights Your Rights in At-Will States Like Florida

Orlando Employment Lawyer Highlights Your Rights in At-Will States Like Florida

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What Are Your Employment Rights In an “at-will” state, like Florida? | Employment Law in Orlando

In an “at-will” state, like Florida, an employer can terminate you from your job for any reason – even for a lousy one – as long as he or she abides by the law.

Florida is often labeled as an “employer-friendly” state. Many employment laws are built to accommodate the employer’s needs and concerns over the needs and concerns of workers. However, these rights are not unlimited. In fact, your employer may face civil liability for firing or taking other adverse actions against you.

Wrongful Termination May Include: 

• Your protected status (i.e., age, disability, gender, national origin, pregnancy status, race, etc.);

• You filed a charge of discrimination or objected to unlawful discrimination, including, for example, sexual harassment;

• You filed a workers’ compensation claim;

• You requested or exercised your right to family or medical-related leave;

• You complained of unpaid minimum wage or overtime or filed a claim for same under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”);

• You requested a reasonable accommodation under the American’s with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) or Florida Civil Rights Act (“FCRA”);

• You served jury duty;

• You reported to a Florida agency (or a supervisor) a violation of a law, rule or regulation; testified or participated in an investigation by an outside agency; or opposed a practice that you reasonably believe may constitute to a violation of a law, rule or regulation;

• You engaged in concerted or protected activity under the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”) or Florida’s statutory equivalent;

What if your employer mishandled your termination or otherwise violated your rights?

Know Your Rights By Contacting An Orlando Employment Law Firm

First of all, you should contact a Florida employment law firm as quickly as possible to discuss your options. Whether your employer obviously retaliated against you for complaining about a payroll violation; or you’re just confused or concerned about the lawfulness of a new workplace rule, our team can provide you with answers so you can confidently handle any workplace situation.

You might also consider carefully documenting what exactly happened and why. Keep copies of any notices, e-mails, and other relevant communication. Try to write down verbatim quotes and collect statements or even supporting e-mails, if possible, without disrupting your employer’s daily operations.

Putting your employment law concerns in context: the support and guidance you need

Whether you’re a software executive who was blindsided by a sudden round of layoffs or a public official fired because your boss “just didn’t like you,” our Florida employment law firm can probe your situation and help you understand what legal options you may have available.

Simply because Florida is an “at-will” state does not mean your employer can act with reckless disregard of your rights. You may have more options than you realize to seek a positive outcome. Call or email us today to schedule a confidential consultation or you can find me on Google+ at Nathan McCoy.