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Employer, Employee, Union And Business-Related Legal Services

Employer Services

Our Orlando employment lawyers offer hands-on assistance and daily advice to existing businesses so their personnel decisions are soundly made in compliance with the law.

Employee Services

Our employment lawyers assist Orlando employees to right the wrongs caused by uneducated or unscrupulous employers through private negotiation or litigation.

Labor Unions

Our Orlando employment attorneys represent unions and their members in the collective bargaining process, grievance hearings, appeals, and PERC hearings throughout the state of Florida.

Small Business Development

Whether it’s forming a new corporation or helping a mom & pop avoid unlawful pay practices, our employment attorneys help develop strategies and flat-fee services for start-ups and small business so they do things right from the start.


Gary D. Wilson’s decades of experience representing both public and private sector employees and employers helps him serve as a qualified mediator to assist parties in Florida reach amicable resolutions to civil disputes.


A Balanced Perspective

As one of the few law firms in Florida which represents both employees and employers, Wilson McCoy maintains a balanced perspective with each of its cases. A balanced perspective not only gives us a “sneak peek” at our opponent’s playbook, it also allows us to adapt to nearly any situation. Whether it is defending a business or advocating the rights of an individual, we use our experience to forecast our opponent’s next move.



Discrimination and harassment in the workplace can occur in a variety of forms, including decisions related to hiring, firing, pay, promotions and other actions which adversely affect an employee. Generally, however, such decisions must be made on the protected characteristics such as sex, gender, pregnancy, disability, race, age, national origin, religion, military and other leave status. Our Orlando employment attorneys fight for the rights of employees who face discrimination and defend employers who face discrimination claims.



Reporting or objecting to unlawful conduct can be a scary and formidable process. While employees may want to speak up about violations, they are often afraid of losing their jobs. Our Orlando labor lawyers help employees through the whistleblowing process and explain their rights when their employers learn of the complaint. Our Orlando employment lawyers also assist employers who face whistleblower situations by formulating strategies to avoid claims of retaliation and to take corrective action when required.


Unpaid Wages:

Although it may seem simple, the concept of paying employees and contractors for work performed can be an extremely complex process. With laws regulating compensation structures, commissions, overtime and payment of PTO, it is easy for violations to occur. Our Orlando labor attorneys assist both employers and employees in making sure employees are paid as required by the law.



Noncompetition agreements are enforceable so long as specific criteria are met. Generally, such agreements are entered into at the start of employment with the goal of precluding employees from competing, performing specific work, soliciting clients or revealing skills or trade secrets to a competitor after an employee has ceased working for the employer. Our Orlando labor attorneys help employers draft and enforce noncompetition agreements and employees escape those agreements that are overboard or otherwise unenforceable.


Breach Of Contract:

Agreements are made and agreements are broken, often resulting in an actionable breach. Whether it is an employment, executive compensation, partnership, asset & purchase, shareholder or any other form of agreement, our Orlando employment lawyers help employers and employees resolve the simplest and most complex contractual matters through negotiation or, when necessary, litigation.


Business Development:

Every business has a starting point. But, whether that starting point was the correct starting point is often overlooked. Our attorneys help startups do things right from the start, and we help guide small businesses and larger employers in the right direction when their day-to-day operations aren’t quite aligned with the law.

Who We Represent

Do you or your business have a legal matter involving your workplace?

Our clients range from teachers to doctors, receptionists to business executives and startups to national corporations. Regardless of their backgrounds or experiences, they share one thing in common: a work matter.

At Wilson McCoy, we focus our practice on helping people and businesses with their work matters. Let our award-winning Orlando employment law firm utilize its experience and find the right solution for your work matter.

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At Wilson McCoy, as respected Orlando employment lawyers, we utilize our collective experiences and collaborate as a team to achieve results which meet both client expectations and Firm standards.


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We are passionate about handling work matters because we know our work is impactful. Our work not only affects our clients, but it also has a meaningful impact on their families and our community. If you are a client of Wilson McCoy, you will understand these principles.

Our Mission

The mission of Wilson McCoy, P.A., is to (1) provide our clients with sensible, effective solutions to workplace matters through modern communications and good old-fashioned honesty, integrity and hard work; (2) promote good stewardship within the legal profession; and (3) enhance our community through volunteer work and sponsorships. Work matters. Family matters. Community matters. You matter. When we adhere to such maxims, everything else will fall into place.

Our Community

At Wilson McCoy, P.A., our staff is committed to being in community with others and extending the missions of organizations who “do good” in this world. We gladly give back and are always looking for new causes to support.

Work matters, family matters, community matters and you matter.